Discover Beauty at Deraah - Your Destination for Premium Fragrances and Cosmetics

Welcome to Deraah, your ultimate destination for beauty products, boasting over 849 branches in more than 160 cities in the Kingdom. The brand takes pride in offering the finest selection of French perfume, Oriental Oud, cosmetics, hair care devices, and men's and women's accessories. With more than 46 years of experience as a national company, it also stands as a pioneer in the Saudi market, delivering top-notch products that reflect modern international fashion trends and uncompromising quality.

The Unparalleled Commitment to Excellence

A Heritage of Quality and Expertise

With a rich heritage in the Saudi market, Deraah has earned its reputation as a leading company, bringing you the most renowned brands from around the world. The partnerships with Global Expertise Houses, particularly French industry pioneers, ensure that every product meets internationally recognized global standards.

Anticipating and Catering to Your Preferences

At Deraah, the customer satisfaction is at the heart of what it does. Through extensive research and marketing studies, it continuously adapts to the evolving preferences of Saudi and Gulf consumers. This dedication to understanding your needs has led to the creation of diverse and innovative products in the realms of French perfumes, European cosmetics, accessories, body and hair care, and Oriental Oud.

Your Ultimate Shopping Experience

With a team of more than 4,499  qualified professionals, it is committed to providing exceptional customer service and the highest standards of quality. The complete communication system, encompassing 10 channels adhering to the ISO 10002 international quality standard ensures that customers' needs are met and their desires are fulfilled.

Unmatched Presence Across the Kingdom

Accessible and Convenient

Discover Deraah at over 849 exhibitions spread throughout the Kingdom, ensuring easy access to its extensive product range. Engage with the brand on various social media platforms, visit the website, or reach out to the customer service center (call center) and on WhatsApp for a seamless shopping experience.

A Global Reach

Deraah proudly owns 20 registered brands in 37 countries, with a focus on partnering with international expertise houses, particularly French companies, to produce products that adhere to international quality standards and comply with the Saudi Authority for Standards, Standards, and Quality SASO.

Recognized Excellence and Prestigious Awards

The brands' dedication to quality and product diversity, combined with the widespread presence and market leadership, has garnered recognition both locally and internationally. It is a proud recipient of more than 15 awards and certificates, including the prestigious King Abdulaziz Award for Quality, the French Knight Order presented by former President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and the ISO 9001:2015 Global Quality Certificate—making it the first perfume and cosmetics company in the Kingdom to achieve this honor.