A wholly-owned subsidiary of Uber Technologies was founded in July 2012. It was founded by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson.

Careem specializes in transportation, technology, and logistics.

The main goal of the company is not only to provide a good transportation experience but  to simplify and improve the lives of people and also build an awesome organization that inspires

  It also operates in more than 110 cities and in more than  10 countries in the world.

Additionally, in 2017 Careem signed the Women Empowerment Principles.

How to book a Careem ride?

  • First, you download the application and then open the Careem app
  • Then create an account and select the ‘Car’ option
  • Enter and confirm the drop-off location you choose
  • Confirm your pick-up location.
  • Select the car type ‘Economy-Expo’ or ‘Max-Expo’
  • You can check the estimated fare and apply a promo code( you can find it on Dealinsi)
  • After that choose  ‘Yalla’ to book your ride. The app will generate a PIN. Simply go to the pickup point and share the PIN to the first available Captain
  • Finally, the Captain will enter this on his application and you’ll be on your way!

Since 2012

عن كريم

تم تأسيس شركة فرعية مملوكة بالكامل لشركة Uber Technologies في يوليو 2012. وقد أسسها مدثر شيخة وماغنوس أولسون.

Careem متخصصة في النقل والتكنولوجيا والخدمات اللوجستية.

الهدف الرئيسي للشركة ليس فقط توفير تجربة نقل جيدة ولكن لتبسيط وتحسين حياة الناس وأيضًا بناء منظمة رائعة تلهم

تعمل في أكثر من 110 مدينة وفي أكثر من 10 دول في العالم.

في عام 2017 ، وقعت كريم على مبادئ تمكين المرأة.


Since 2012