Alhabib Bedding

Discover Unparalleled Comfort with Alhabib Bedding

At Alhabib Bedding, we believe this brand is redefining the way you sleep. We're the proud owners of both Alhabib Bedding and NADAV®, and since our start in 2006, we've been dedicated to excellence. Paying close attention to every detail, we carefully create bedding and household products that are both distinctive and exclusive.


Based in the vibrant city of Buraidah, in the heart of the Qassim region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has blossomed into a global force in the realm of bedding and household essentials. All products transcend mere functionality; they are a testament to the intersection of artistry, comfort, and quality.

Mission: Elevating Everyday Elegance

At Alhabib Bedding, it endeavors to earn the trust and loyalty of its customers. The main goal is to enrich lives with products that exude a distinct charm and elegance.

Vision: Craftsmanship with Purpose

Leveraging heritage and expertise, this brand is dedicated to delivering original bedding and home products to the customer. Imbued with seamless service, uncompromising quality, competitive pricing, and swift delivery in the Mena Market, it also aspires to exceed customer expectations, establishing itself as the preferred supplier in the field.

Goals: Elevate Your Sanctuary

  • Provide bedroom supplies and household products of the highest quality and efficiency standards.
  • Maintain its vanguard position in the bedding and household products industry.
  • Foster continuous product development and expand the footprint across Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.
  • Serve customers with utmost respect and convenience, building enduring trust and satisfaction.
  • Offer complimentary consulting services to tailor solutions to its clients' needs.
  • Respond dynamically to market demands, ensuring an array of diverse, exclusive designs.
  • Achieve comprehensive market coverage, offering delivery services spanning every corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Values: The Cornerstones of Alhabib Bedding

Perfect Service: It's devoted to providing unrivaled service.
Continuous Development: Innovation and improvement are the lifeblood of its operation.
Teamwork: It functions as a cohesive unit, unified by a shared vision and goals.
Honesty and Trust: The interactions are anchored in the highest ethical standards, establishing relationships built on transparency and trust.
Creativity and Excellence: Distinction is its hallmark. The brand is committed to offering contemporary products and exclusive designs that set us apart.
Swift Delivery: It understands the urgency of timely delivery, ensuring its products reach customers swiftly and seamlessly.

Experience the Ease of Alhabib Bedding:

Free Shipping: Enjoy complimentary standard KSA delivery for orders over 390 SAR.
Customer Service: Reach out to the dedicated customer service team from Saturday to Thursday.
Returns and Exchanges: Avail hassle-free returns and exchanges within 7 days.
Secure Payment: Rest easy knowing your payments are swift and 100% secure, with options including Apple Pay, STC Pay, Visa, Mada, Bank, COD, Tamara, and Tabby.
At Alhabib Bedding, it doesn't just create products; it curates experiences. Elevate customers' living space with it today!


متجر الحبيب للمفروشات هو منصة رائدة في مجال المفروشات ومنتجات الأسرة المتنوعة. بدأت رحلة الحبيب للمفروشات قبل 15 عامًا في مدينة بريدة بمنطقة القصيم في المملكة العربية السعودية، لتصبح واحدة من الشركات الرائدة في عالم المفروشات ومنتجات الأسرة في المملكة العربية السعودية وبعض دول الخليج.

في الحبيب للمفروشات، تعيد العلامة تعريف فن النوم. كمالك فخور لكل من الحبيب للمفروشات وNADAV®، فإن التزامها بالتميز لم يتزعزع منذ بداية تأسيسها في عام 2006. بعين حادة للتفاصيل، تقوم بصناعة بياضات السرير ومنتجات الأسرة بدقة، حيث تكون فريدة وحصرية.

مقرها في مدينة بريدة النابضة بالحياة، في قلب منطقة القصيم بالمملكة العربية السعودية، نمت لتصبح قوة عالمية في ميدان الفرش وضروريات المنزل. جميع المنتجات تتجاوز مجرد الوظائف الأساسية؛ إذ تعتبر شاهداً على تقاطع الفن، والراحة، والجودة.

"ارتق براحتك وأناقتك مع الحبيب للمفروشات. اكتشف مجموعة حصرية من بياضات السرير ومنتجات الأسرة المُصممة بعناية لتجربة نوم لا مثيل لها. استمتع بالشحن المجاني للطلبات التي تزيد عن 390 ريال سعودي. اختبر التميز في الخدمة، الجودة، والتصميم."