NowNow Coupon

NowNow Coupon

NowNow Coupon | NowNow is powered and designed by the noon group. it’s a delivery application where it delivers orders to the customer from different stores.

Besides, it’s one of the fastest delivery apps in the United Arab of Emirates. Download the NowNow application and discover more.

About:- NowNow Coupon

So this application delivers everyday essentials to your address or location within minutes. Also, You will find many categories to choose from and select starting from grocery shopping to pharmacy delivery.

NowNow Coupon

Moreover, You can now order your medicines and they will be delivered to you.

So Shop for fresh bread, cakes, cookies, and more from the best bakeries in town.

Why shop on NowNow – NowNow Coupon

  • Of course, it has a Fast shipping
  • Many stores to find with more than 2000  products
  • You can track your order on the application
  • Reliable delivery service


  • You will find many categories to choose from ( groceries, pharmacies, butcheries, and more)
  • Easy to use the application for ordering
  • Finally, it has Secure payment options

You will find your store on the app:-

such as

  • Choithrams
  • Spinneys
  • Waitrose
  • Al Adil
  • Supermache
  • Grandiose
  • Al Maya and  more

With this application now you can order your Medicines Online with more than 790 pharmacies.

such as

  • Thumbay Pharmacy
  • Seif Pharmacy
  • Health First pharmacy and more

You want your favorite Sweets or croissants now you can Shop Bakeries Online and find  sweets, candies cakes, macaroons, croissants, and more and they will be delivered to you

such as

  • Hummingbird Bakery
  • The Cookie Bandits
  • G’s Bakery
  • Yamanote Atelier
  • Puranmal & Bikanervala

Also, you can Shop Meat  Online on this application


you can get an exclusive discount when you use code:  V86

Also, it’s valid on all items

So NowNow offers its services through a dedicated mobile app providing a service that users can order easily.

How can I get NowNow Plus?

  1. Go to My Account

    Then select NowNow Plus

  2. Select the plan that suits your needs

    You can read all the details

  3. Checkout and enjoy free deliveries

    Finally, You’re done!

Can I find NowNow coupon on Dealinsi?

Yes, you can use code: BN42 for NowNow and get an extra discount, also Dealinsi has other coupons for many stores.

نبذه عن التطبيق

NowNow تم انشاءه من قبل مجموعة نون. إنه تطبيق توصيل حيث يقوم بتوصيل الطلبات للعميل من متاجر مختلفة

أحد أسرع تطبيقات التوصيل في الإمارات العربية المتحدة

قم بتنزيل تطبيق NowNow واكتشف المزيد

يقدم هذا التطبيق بتوفير  الاساسيات اليومية إلى عنوانك أو موقعك في غضون دقائق. ستجد العديد من الفئات للاختيار من بينها والاختيار بدءًا من التسوق من البقالة إلى توصيل الصيدليات

يمكنك الآن طلب الأدوية الخاصة بك وسيتم توصيلها إليك

لماذا تتسوق على هذه المنصة؟؟

  شحن سريع

ستجد العديد من المتاجر لتجد أكثر من 2000 منتج

يمكنك تتبع طلبك على التطبيق

خدمة توصيل موثوقة

– ستجد العديد من الفئات للاختيار من بينها (بقالة ، صيدليات ، جزارة ، والمزيد)

من السهل استخدام التطبيق للطلب

خيارات دفع آمنة

ستحصل على خصم حصري عند استخدام الكود


So you will love it!! – NowNow Coupon


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