Kemitt Voucher & Coupon

Kemitt Voucher & Coupon

Kemitt Voucher & Coupon | Kemitt is an Egyptian company that was launched in 2018. It’s specialized in furniture, office, and home accessories. In addition, It’s a leading company and growing fast in Egypt.

About:- Kemitt Voucher & Coupon

So this platform is gathering designers to sell their own products on its marketplace. Product Design, e-commerce, Furniture, and Design are the main purpose that this company is focusing on. Since 2018  Kemitt has been focusing on furniture solutions and also accessories.

Kemitt Voucher & Coupon

So you can find almost what you need for a home or office furniture:-

Such as

  • Tables
  • TV and console units
  • Storage units
  • Sofas


  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pouffe & Beanbags
  • Seating and beanbag cushions
  • Chairs


  • Seating
  • Light
  • Kitchen
  • Curtains and furniture
  • Mirrors
  • Bedrooms
  • Carpets
  • Pillows
  • Tabletop


  • Kitchen and tableware
  • Decorations
  • Offices and units

So Why to choose Kemitt? – Kemitt Voucher & Coupon

  • Firstly, it has a discount of up to 70%
  • Besides, it has daily offers
  • Also, it has smooth shipping and returns
  • Good customer service
  • Finally, a variety of exclusive ideas

Moreover, you can get a good discount when you use this code: EEE5

Surely, it valids on almost all products

So you will save more!

Also, you can contact the support in case you want to ask or have any inquiries at

Additionally, you can save with the online sales on many products to select.

Surely you will love it.

Since 2018

How can I pay for my order?

So there’re many payment options you can use such as credit/debit cards, or also “Aman” in Egypt.

where is Kemitt discount coupon?

You can use code: EEE5 when you checkout.

How to apply a discount coupon?

  1. Select your item

    and then click on checkout.

  2. Once you checkout

    you will find a box field to enter a coupon.

  3. Finally, you will get a discount now.


عن كيميت

كيميت هي شركة مصرية تم إطلاقها في عام 2018. وهي متخصصة في الأثاث والمكتب والإكسسوارات المنزلية. إنها شركة رائدة وتنمو بسرعة في مصر. تجمع هذه المنصة المصممين لبيع منتجاتهم الخاصة في أسواقها.تصميم المنتجات والتجارة الإلكترونية والأثاث والتصميم هي الغرض الرئيسي الذي تركز عليه هذه الشركة

يمكنك أن تجد ما تحتاجه تقريبًا لأثاث المنزل والمكتب


وحدات تلفزيون ووحدة تحكم

وحدات تخزين


أثاث خارجي

Pouffe & Beanbags

وسائد الجلوس وأكياس القماش

كراسي جلوس



الستائر والأثاث


 و المزيد

يمكنك الحصول على خصم جيد عند استخدام هذا كود خصم


صالح على جميع المنتجات تقريبًا

يمكنك الاتصال بالدعم في حال كنت تريد أن تسأل أو لديك أي استفسارات على

So you will love this beautiful brand –

Surely with Kemitt Voucher & Coupon

Since 2018


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