Stradivarius: elevating women's fashion
Revealing the essence of Stradivarius

This brand was founded in 1994 in the vibrant city of Barcelona and has become a beacon of contemporary fashion, owned by the illustrious Inditex group. With an impressive presence of this brand, with over 900 stores in more than 62 countries and different locations as of January 2022.

The heartbeat of style

At Stradivarius, fashion transcends mere fabrics and threads; It is a way of life. This vibrant business is a testament to the strength of an enthusiastic workforce with its persistent dedication to innovation.

A unique shopping paradise

Enter a world of sartorial magic within the walls of Stradivarius stores. Bathed in light and exuding a welcoming atmosphere, these spaces transcend retail; They become a canvas for a unique shopping experience. Here, customers will discover the latest trends, selected with individuality in mind.

From Barcelona to the world

With a headquarters located in the heart of Barcelona, the brand resonates with the vibrant spirit of its birthplace. Its logistics centers brim with energy, making the essence of the brand reach more than 70 countries, with more than 899 stores around the world.

Embrace a life where fashion, style, and creativity converge. Join Stradivarius in rewriting the narrative of contemporary elegance. Discover the latest trends in clothing and accessories with a brand that is more than fashion: it is a lifestyle.


What are the delivery costs?
Answer: If customers select delivery to their home or pickup point, it will be free for orders over $50

Otherwise, the shipping costs are as follows:

Standard shipping
$5.95 - $4.95