Massimo Dutti

Enhance Your Closet with the Timeless Sophistication of Massimo Dutti.

Unraveling the Legacy of Massimo Dutti

Established in 1985, Massimo Dutti stands as a paragon of Spanish craftsmanship, specializing in exquisite, high-end cashmere and wool products. Acquired by the prestigious Inditex Group in 1991, the brand has since flourished, boasting a global presence with over 700 stores in more than 69 countries.


Pioneering Men's Fashion, Embracing Women's Elegance

In 1995, Massimo Dutti expanded from men's to diverse women's fashion, propelling it to new heights in both national and international markets.

The Massimo Dutti Journey

Situated in the vibrant city of Tordera, Barcelona, Massimo Dutti's headquarters serves as the epicenter of creativity and innovation. Since its inception in 1985, the brand has blossomed under the nurturing umbrella of the Inditex Group, reaching remarkable milestones. Currently, Massimo Dutti's presence spans more than 640 stores in more than 70 markets, complemented by a robust online presence in 215 markets.

A Symphony of Style: Massimo Dutti's Design Portfolio

Since September 2006, the company has been at the forefront of designing and curating an array of distinguished lines. For women, the brand offers a captivating range of womenswear, accessories, and fragrances, while men are treated to an equally refined collection comprising menswear, accessories, personal tailoring, and fragrances.

Discover Timeless Elegance

With a legacy steeped in premium craftsmanship, it beckons customers to experience the epitome of timeless elegance, where luxury meets sophistication, where every fabric tells a story, and every design reflects a commitment to excellence.