Canva is a computer software company that is specialized in graphic design, it has more than 1000 employees. It also has more than 10 million users with more than 215 million views per month. It was launched in 2013, in Perth, Australia.
So you can use it to design and create visual content
Such as graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and more. Also The ready-designed templates made designing visual content much easier.


It has 4 pricing plans
Such as:

Free one
Canva Pro

Free plan:-

You can use this plan for the individual work to create a design for any content.

Canva Pro:-

This one is for anyone who is looking for advanced tools and more to use.


So this plan is suitable for any classroom and organization that focus on education.
Also, there's another option on canva that you can pay for a physical product to be printed and shipped to you.

So Here's what you can design on canva:-

Presentations: Standard presentation, talking presentation, mobile-first presentation, and brainstorm presentation.
All social media stories and posts: Facebook posts, Instagram posts and stories, Twitter posts, Pinterest pins, and more.


Videos: You can create your own videos to be used on social media or as an ad or even standard one.
Photo colleagues
Book covers
Desktop wallpapers
Magazine covers


and more.

How to create Youtube Thumbnail on canva:-

So here is a small example.

First of all, you go to

Then, Click on the social media section

then scroll to the right to choose Youtube Thumbnail

Finally, now a new page tab has popped up, you will see a blank template  to create it on your own or you can search and choose the ready templates and edit it

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